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How To Store Lobster

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Storing LobsterHow to store lobster? This can be a challenging task for tyros in this field. Lobsters are popular and expensive coastal dish, which has gained popularity due to low fat content, and high Omega-3 fatty acid content in comparison to its meat counterparts. The basic storage tips are expected while handling and storing lobsters for a gourmet dinner. Lobsters thrive well in sea water, and take oxygen from air as well, so this key behind successful shipping of lobster. They respire through their gills so it is of utmost importance to keep their superficial organ moistened. To make the best of basics, let us find out some good storage tips for lobster.



Storing lobster

It is insisted to keep track of events during buying and handling of lobster before going on storage venture. Lobsters are bought alive and kept in coldest area of refrigerator to keep them fresh and lively before falling on fire. Most recent species are brown or greenish black in appearance and are naturally moistened. They show alertness and quick response while handling.

Try to stay off from the one which is sedentary and motionless. Lobsters with coagulated blood at the bottom or with soft, and bruised skins must also be kept away. These are some usual signs of aged, and damaged lobsters.


Storing Live Lobster

Live lobsters are stored in following ways:

They are transferred to a cartoon which is layered with dampened sea weed beads soaked in water. This helps in keeping lobsters alive and healthy. Otherwise they may expire and die out of suffocation.

Always keep not more than 2 lobsters in one cartoon, this helps in good air circulation between them. Keep the cartoons separated and segmented in refrigerator.

Soak some old newspaper in sea water, and cover the skin of lobster with it. This helps them to respire and remain sprightly for good two days.


Storing cooked Lobster

Cooked lobsters are stored by keeping them sealed, air tight bags or safe food storage tins in freezer. Make sure always to plunge them in tepid water before consuming them in the process of thawing. This helps in retention of fresh taste and flavor.

The other way of thawing frozen cooked lobster is to microwave them with blob of melted butter. You can brush them with vinegar to prevent any microbial contamination.

Always try to cut them into small chunks and store them in plastic transparent bags with no air inside. This could keep well for 4 – 6 days in row.

These are some of tips on how to store lobster and enjoy them to the core.

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How To Store Lobster