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How To Store Wheat

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Storing WheatHow to store wheat? A million dollar question which sways in all those houses, which have surplus supply of wheat kernels and wheat flour, is here to be answered. Wheat is indubitably the most staple grain across the globe. For those, who have confined knowledge on use of wheat just in the form of flour, let me introduce you multitude of other uses. Wheat is used as sprouts, cooked as cereals, known to have cracked versions which make delicious hot cereals, grounded coarsely or finely to flour, and you can even grow it as wheat grass. Wheat is known to stay in your granaries and store houses for years, provided proper storage techniques are implemented. Storing wheat is one of the basic food storage lessons, and with some prudent storage tips you can claim fresh wheat kernels and flours being used in your dish. So let’s make the best of basics, and know some great wheat storage tips.


General Wheat Storage Tips


  • The average moisture content in wheat should be no more than 10%. There are many wheat varieties in US, which are slight variations of red and white varieties. They vary in their moisture content, so it is necessary to know the moisture content of your wheat before storing. High moisture could easily destroy the taste and flavor of wheat.
  • Wheat needs a temperature of 45-65 degree celsius for proper storage. however, temperature above this spectrum is still acknowledged.

Wheat grass

Wheat Storage Container

Exclusive food storage containers are required to store wheat for long. Round can are best used as they give off heat. The containers must be moisture proof, and crush proof. One of the best used one are those made up of metals with enamel coating in the interior. Polyethylene buckets with tight lid, and water proof properties should be commonly used.


Scientific Wheat Storage Tips

There are some scientific contributions to wheat and grain storage.

  • You can make use of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide). While storing wheat, wrap some dry ice into newspaper, and place it at the bottom of wheat storing container. Make sure, that you do not cover the lid completely until the dry ice sublimes away. This process checks the infestation of pest, and insects. It kills all the weevil eggs which are primary insects seen in wheat.
  • One basic way to store wheat is to keep spaces between the containers. This helps in good ventilation and keeps the place dry.



  • Fumigation process included freezing, heating, and organic.
  • Freezing – Use chest-type freezers to kill all the bugs in wheat. Wheat is freeze for 72 hours at 0 degree Celsius.
  • Heating – Heating is done in preheated micro oven at 150 degree for 15 minutes.
  • Organic - Usage of diatomaceous earth is done to store wheat and prevent infestations of weevil and critters.

These are some of the classic examples on how to store wheat to keep it fresh and hygienic for years.

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How To Store Wheat