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Tips To Store Parsley

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Storing ParsleyHow to store parsley? Though not a very challenging question, but may exasperate you if you are planning of adding greenish tinge to your meals with sprinkled parsley. Parsley belongs to herb category of basil, and cilantro. All these herbs need to be stored well to retain the fresh aroma and persistent flavor. For storage, you must realize the importance of moisture to keep natural produces fresh and sprightly. Adding standard dose of water and moisture to parsley can prevent it from limping, wilting, and denting. Parsley can be stored in multitude of ways to keep it bright and green for weeks. Read on to get sound knowledge on parsley storage.


Storing Classic Parsley

Storing Parsley

Before storing parsley, you must be sure of buying good quality parsley from grocery market. Look out for those leaves which are still young and fresh, but not sprinkled with water.

For retaining freshness while storing them, stay off from spewing moisture or water droplets over them. It is suggested that wash and drain your parsley only when you need them in recipe.

One of the methods which are popular in western countries is here. Cut the ends of parsley stem, and place it in jar filled with fresh water. Now, you can keep this in one corner of your house which is relatively dry and cool. Parsley can stay well in room temperature; however, this does not work for humid areas.

The jar containing parsley can be covered lightly with a plastic transparent bag, and kept in refrigerator. This keeps fresh parsley for weeks ahead.

Storing ParsleyOne important thing to note is while storing parsley and other herbs, keeping them moistened and sprinkled with generous amount of water, enhances their shelf life, and keeps them bright green for several days.

Other way of storing parsley is to segregate them in bunches, and place them in air tight Ziploc plastic bags. While storing them, make sure you moisten them with droplets of fresh water. In some parts of Eastern zone, this is done with aromatic water to make it act as natural room freshener.


Storing Italian Parsley


Italian parsley is one of the popular varieties of vintage parsley but is gifted with five times more aromatic flavor than the original one. Here goes some easy to follow tips on how to store Italian parsley.Italian Parsley

  • Cut the ends of Italian parsley stem, and wash it thoroughly under running water several times to remove dirt and unwanted sprigs.
  • Now, place it in large glass bowl which is prefilled with chilled water. Let it remain in cold water for some time.
  • Now, place the dried parsley inside air sealed plastic bags, and finally set it in your coldest zone of fridge.

These were some of the classic tips on how to store parsley and enjoy the herbal green garnishing in your recipes for long!

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Tips To Store Parsley