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How To Store Butter

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Storing ButterButter is the one of the favorite spreads on toasts and great cooking base in yummy recipes. In order to cater to our needs, we often end up buying more than required butter blocks, and therefore, it becomes necessary to know how to store butter  retaining its freshness in tact. Butter is made of 80% milk fat, and 20% milk solids and other preservatives. Now that, it is categorized under animal fat section, the propensity of it turning foul is high. Butter, if not stored properly and left exposed to air even for couple of days, can easily strip off the freshness out of it. This situation can be more prevalent in hot and humid zones. So, let us have a taste of butter through the following tips on how to store butter.


Nifty Tips On How To Store Butter

  • Word “Rancidity” is exclusively associated with dented butter blocks. When you show carelessness in storing your favorite toast spreads (butter), you should not be surprised of rancid butter on the block. Butter turns rancid due to spoilage in air, high temperature, and high humidity. So, the best way can be to think of refrigerating your butter as the primary storage tip.
  • Now, butter can be either stored in your counter, or refrigerated in fridge, or permanently kept in your freezer area. This is contingent on the fact of its frequent usability.
  • Butter comes in either one-pound blocks or in four- pound blocks. You can cut the large butter blocks into small chunks. Place the small chunks in Ziploc plastic bags and seal it. Finally, pop it inside the freezer and wake up to fresh tasting butter every day.

                              Butter Storage

  • One another popular way of storing butter on counter is to place it in butter dish or in butter tray. Get some convenient sized butter dish or tray with lid, and place the butter stick in butter dish. Cover it with lid and you can be sure of hygienic butter all the way ahead. Butter dish comes in both plastic and glass material, but it is strongly advised to use glass one as plastic trays may help butter pick up odors.
  • Butter if stored in refrigerator, must be placed in waxed paper, and double packaged in wrappers. Storing butter in its original wax papers can help a lot in retaining the fresh aroma for good number of days.
  • For storing large amount of butter, you can set it in large sealed plastic bags and place it in the coldest part of refrigerator that is the freezer zone.

Now that, you must be at your ease with tips and techniques on how to store butter and you can be sure of making excellent butter recipes with fresh butter!

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How To Store Butter