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How To Can Vegetable

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Canning vegetables

Knowing how to can vegetable is one of the most crucial aspects of kitchen management. Canning vegetable is the most trustworthy process for storing vegetables for off season availability. Therefore, learning the tricks for preserving vegetable with its fresh taste and food values is undoubtedly a great option for every homemaker and amateur chefs alike. Sounds interesting, read on to learn more….



Steps For How To Can Vegetables Process

While canning vegetables is a matter of tricks and some pre defined steps maintaining hygiene is one of the prerequisites of this storage process. Sterilization of jars and containers are one of the essential activities of canning vegetable process.


Sterilization of Jars and Lids

  • Jars are to be washed with soapy water for removal of dirt and stain, if any
  • You can use dishwasher for washing jars if the machine comes with sanitize cycle advantage feature
  • Alternatively, you should use 10-minute water boiling sterilization method to ensure disinfection of the jars will be used for canning
  • Lids are to be washed separately in a small saucepan by 10-minute water boiling process
  • Keep the lids in the jar till you do not require them for sealing jars.


Preparing vegetables

  • Always prefer to gather fresh, unblemished, and tender veggies for canning
  • Different veggies require different canning process. For example, leafy vegetable canning is done by blanching, whereas some tender veggies can be canned by hot pack method
  • Initially all veggies fix for canning should be thoroughly washed and cleaned. You should size them in small pieces; however chopping and slicing should be done by sterilized knife
  • Most of the veggies are preserved in the pickled form in canning process. Apart from different canning recipes, one thing is obvious for all vegetable canning process is to leave headroom on the top of the bottle and make sure that while putting lids you should exclude bubbles out of the jars
  • You should tighten the lids of the jars, with reasonable pressure.


Canning vegetable process

  • Canning vegetable is done by either water pressure process or by pressure canner process
  • In water canning process you have to boil the jars in boiling water for a certain time
  • For pressure canner use you have to follow the user manual for  instructions on pressure for specific kind of vegetables.
  • After canning process is over let the jars sit for 24 hours in room temperature; then store them with into kitchen storage cabinet with care.


Now when  you are through with the entire tips how to can vegetable, kitchen management and recipe selection for food planning will become now onward an easy task for you.

Enjoy cooking!!!


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How To Can Vegetable