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How To Store Gnocchi

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Storing Gnocchi

How to store gnocchi? This is one of those household questions which itches the Italian minds, whenever it’s time to store gnocchi. Gnocchi are delicate and scrumptious versions of vintage pasta. The difference here lies in cooking style, which could vary from one kitchen to another. Basically, cute, small, sea shell ridged dumplings made out of mashed potatoes; flour, butter, and semolina are collectively named as Gnocchi. It has largest fan following in Italy and many other European nations. It is the best way to use the leftover flours or breads and turn them into palatable, gourmet, yet easy to prepare dish like gnocchi. Taking the case of overwhelming amount of gnocchi in your store, let us familiarize you how to store gnocchi as perfect taste bud tantalizer.



Storing Gnocchi

Some of the hassle free tips on storing gnocchi are presented here. Please read on to know more.

The best and most recognized classic style of storing gnocchi is to place it in refrigerator, and thaw it ahead of consumption.

Grease the inside of storing or baking sheet, and place your cooked, and left over gnocchi on it. Wrap it by cellophane paper or any plastic wrapper. Finally pop it into refrigerator and rest it for months. You will always enjoy the freshness of gnocchi by this way.

Storing Gnocchi

Again for cooked versions of gnocchi, let it sit at room temperature before storage. Following this, slide it into either air tight jars, or in vacuum tight plastic bags. Make sure that air is squeezed out from plastic bags once you are ready to store it in refrigerator. This can keep for 2 days.

While storing gnocchi, the flour, and other ingredients makes them stick to each other and form lumps. To prevent this, you can make generous use of parchment papers. In store bags or in storing jars, make individual layers of parchment paper and place gnocchi above each layer. Now it is ready to be stored in refrigerator.

For perfect freezing process, you can use both cooked and uncooked version of gnocchi. Here you can place gnocchi on the baking sheet and cover it with parchment paper. Set it in freezer for about 3 to 4 hours and get frozen gnocchi instantaneously.

After freezing is done, you can take out and transfer it to zip lock bags with not an ounce of air in it. Mark the date of storage, as this may help you in keeping a note of consuming it on right time.

One of the professional ways of storing gnocchi is to dust them with some rice flour and package in air tight bags before freezing them. This keeps fresh fairly for upto six weeks.

These are some of brief tried and tested tips on how to store gnocchi and relish the most adorable Italian food gleefully.

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How To Store Gnocchi