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How To Can Chili

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canning chili

Before knowing how to can chili it is better to know what are ingredients required for this canning process. Canning chili at home requires a few utensils like canning jars, lids, jar lifter, pressure caner, and a canning funnel. Let’s have a look to learn the tricks how to can chili at home for instant access.


It is essential to sterilize the jars, which will be used for canning. Until you will be able to sanitize them, it will be very tough to maintain quality canning standard.


Sterilizing the jars and lids


  • You can use dishwasher with sanitize feature for the washing and sterilization of these canning jars
  • In case you dishwasher do not offer you the sanitize benefit, you can use 10 minutes boiling water for sterilization etc.
  • Otherwise 10 minutes boiling water process is a conventional but reliable process of sterilization.
  • You need to sterilize these lids in different pot and you should keep the lids in that pot after 10- 15 minutes of boiling.


Important Tips About How To Can Chili


  • Take a bigger stockpot and here start frying beef, onions, and garlic paste until it becomes brown.
  • You have to drain out the fat because if there is sufficient fat, canned chili cannot be kept for long and it never produces proper canning.
  • Ideally you should cook chili for 25-30 minutes; in between you will be at safer side of canning if you can skim the accumulated fat from it.
  • Once the chili is prepared, pour chili in each of the jars. Do not forget for leaving 2 inch headroom of the cans.
  • Now place the lids on the jars and tight them properly.
  • Place the jars in shimmering water for sealing.
  • Now place the jars in the pressure canner
  • In the pressure canner you have to process each jar for one and half hour under 10lb pressure
  • When the process will be over allow the pressure canner to be cool
  • Use a jar lifter and bring all jars one after another out of the canner
  • Allow the jars to sit for 24 hours and the store them all with tight lid in dry cold shelf.


Now when you know how to can chili, you can do it as and whem you will feel so. You can check the canning quality of chili. Hit the canned chili with a metallic sound; if the spoon sounds metallic, canning is not done appropriately. If the jar sounds metallic, the jar will sound metallic.


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How To Can Chili