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How to Can Sausage

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canning sausage

How to can sausage is one of the foods whose canning process is very intricate Canning sausage is a wonderful option for preparing a tasty snack later on. The preparation and process is simple and healthy too. However while canning sausages you have to keep in mind that unless you can complete proper sterilization method of jars, perhaps canning process will not be done properly.



Tips To Can Sasauge


Sterilizing jars and lids


  • Put the jars for canning in one row and wash them with lukewarm soapy water. In case you have a dishwasher with sanitize option, you can try your cans’ washing with the dishwasher.

  • Otherwise conventional method of sterilizing jars with 10-minute boiling method is the trusted way for jar sterilization; however, the jars are to be taken out for canning when processing of sausage will be initially completed.


Preparing the sausages


  • You have to cut the sausages into halves or in the size of the quarters and have to place them into the canning jar

  • Make a mixture of lemon juice, salt, and water and allow the decoction to boil on slow heat.

  • Now you have to put the boiled decoction into the jars over the sliced sausages
  • Put the lids of the jars and tight them

  • Allow the jars to get cool down in room temperature for 24 hours.

  • You should store the jars in the freezer at least 2 days before you have planned to consume them.

  • Although the entire process how to can sausage seems to be quite simple, the process demands great sense of proportion and proper sterilization of the jars and utensils. Otherwise the canning process may not be successful.


With canning sausage process you will be able to store sausage with out freeze and use them anytime of the year.


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How To Can Sausage