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How To Store Icing?

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Storing Icing

How to store icing is the usual question which puzzles many people who love cake and cookies baking. Icing is made up of butter, cream, sugar and milk. Sometimes, egg whites are also used to bring about stiffness in baking. Proper storage methods for icing must be duly practiced if one wishes to use the icing for next big party. Icing must be kept mostly in refrigerator, as lying it lazily in room temperature might make it hard, and stale. Icing is comprised of dollops of sugar, which is responsible for making it all not so fit for consumption. Sugar forms a good raw material for bacteria and at room temperature, you may expect bacteria’s all crunching down your icings. Let us put stop on these nasty acts and know better ways of storing icings.



Exclusive Steps For Storing Icing


  • After you done with all that cake and cup cake decorations, you may want to store icings left after this. If you plan to use it very soon, then store at room temperature by keeping in greased bowls.
  • In case, you wish to store icing for long span of time, store it in oil greased pan or large bowl. Seal it with silver or aluminum foil. Place it in freezer. You may need to defrost the icing when it’s brought in use. Let it sit at room temperature before adorning on cakes.
  • We know that icing has got butter as main ingredient, and butter needs good refrigeration as it may turn rancid without this. Keep icing in air tight sealed containers or seal the icing in cellophane wrappers. Place it in refrigeration chamber and let it remain untouched.
  • One vital thing you should consider while storing icing is that keep it separate from vegetables and spices section in refrigerator. Otherwise, you may get the mixed flavor and aroma coming out from icing, which may be bit weird.
  • If you intend to spread the icing coats with smooth consistency, you need to defrost icing and place it in chilled water bowls. Try to blend it or whip it with hand blender.


These were some of the ways you can put to use while storing icing for a big bash birthday party!


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How To Store Icing?