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How To Can Ham

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How to can ham is an intricate factor because while doing so you have to take care for something. Canning ham is simple and easy provided you know the right steps for doing so. While doing the canning process, you have take care three issues

  • Jars should be perfectly sterilized
  • Ham should be of good quality
  • Ham canning should be done only with pressure canner




Easy Instructions To Know How To Can Ham


Sterilizing jars


  • Before sterilization for cleaning the jars should be thoroughly washed with soapy lukewarm water.
  • The jars for sterilizing can be done by dishwasher with sanitize feature. Otherwise 10- min boiling method is the most trusted method for jar cleaning
  • The lids of the jar should be sterilized separately; you can take some water is a small sauce pan and let the lids boil for 10-15 minutes into the boiling water; Do not remove the lids from the saucepan and let them in warm water till you need them for sealing the jars.


Preparing hams


  • Take hams and cut them into pieces
  • Put a sauce pan on burner with water in it
  • Let the water stat boiling and then drop the hams in water
  • Remove them by next 2 minutes and then for perfect blanching effect deep drown them into ice cold water
  • Sprinkle Salt on the processed hams and with spatula put them in jars
  • Add boiled water in each of the jars
  • Keep one inch headroom for each of the jars on the top
  • Seal the lids and place the jars into the pressure caner.


Using pressure caner


  • After placing the jars in the pressure caner allow the caner to run for 10 minutes without any weight on it
  • After that phase add 10lb weight on the caner and process the jars 20-25 minutes each
  • Allow the pressure caner to release the pressure inside it in due course
  • Open it, take out the jars
  • Allow the jars to sit for 24 hours undisturbed, so that the jars and the content inside come into normal room temperature.
  • Store the jars in dark dry storage corner of kitchen.

Now when you have learned how to can ham, you can try it next to store ham without refrigerator with longer shelf life and with taste like fresh ham.


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How To Can Ham