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How To Can Garlic

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Before knowing how to can garlic, it is better to know what are essential ingredients required for the process and what are the utensils required for the canning process.


The essential ingredients for canning garlic are

  • Heads garlic or peeled cloves of garlic
  • White vinegar
  • Pickling salt
  • Granulated sugar


Utensils required for canning garlic are


  • Jar lifter for grabbing and pulling out jars
  • Jar funnel
  • Large pot made of ceramic or glass
  • Ladles and large spoons
  • Ball jars
  • Pressure/water canner


Steps involving how to can Garlic


One of the main requisites for canning garlic is selection of fresh and crisp garlic. Until the garlic quality will be good neither canning process can be successfully executed nor the finished products will of satisfactory standard


  • Another main issue of canning garlic process is sterilization of cans and its lids.
  • Sterilization of cans and lids
  • Use dishwasher if it has sanitize cycle
  • Otherwise you can use 10 minutes boiling method
  • In both the cases the cans should be washed with lukewarm soapy water
  • Take water in a small sauce pan and allow the water to boil
  • Drop the jar lids into the boiling water and allow these to be there for 10 minutes.
  • Remove the saucepan from the burner and allow it to sit in covered condition; the lids are supposed to be within warm water of the pan.


Preparing for the canning process


  • Fill the canner with water and allow the canner to sit on a slow flame so that it gets ready by the time you prepare garlic cloves for canning
  • In order to blanch garlic cloves, put them into boiling water and then after 5 minutes place them into ice cold water. Repetition of this process for 2-3 times will help to peel off the cloves.
  • Now finally boil the peeled garlic cloves for 1 minute and then keep aside
  • Make the pickling solution by mixing sugar, vinegar, and pickling salt
  • Start filling the jars with peeled and boiled garlic and add pickling solution in it. Keep one inch around headroom free from each of the jar
  • Tight the lids and place the jars in already pre-heat canner and process the jars within canner for 20-25 minutes
  • Take out the jars when processing is over. Allow the jars to sit for 24 hours next and then finally stored them in your dry and dark shelf.


Now you have done with how to can garlic process. Safely try this canning method with small quantity and be happy with your wonderful canning skill.


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How To Can Garlic