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How To Can Bacon

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Veteran homemakers will surely frown at this title how to can bacon because bacon can be prepared anytime and for them canning bacon is never recommended as it can be prepared fast. However, it is better to learn how to can bacon because this canned bacon may serve great purpose when there is great scarcity of home made food. In case there is a terrible emergency canned bacon may serve the purpose of food and so on. In one word canning bacon is great foresight and if there is nothing it is great to enjoy in weekends.



Canning bacon needs proper sterilization of jars and its lids.

  • Sterilization of jars can be done with dishwasher also provided the machine has “sanitize” feature.
  • Otherwise 10 minutes water boiling method is one of the trusted methods for canning jar sterilization.
  • The lids and rings are to be sterilized separately in a small saucepan, however, till the lids are not required, it is better to keep them into warm water in the sterilize sauce pan.



Tips About How To Can Bacon


  • Bacon is best canned by pressure canner; therefore it is better to read the user manual of the pressure canner before you start canning process.
  • 01W4rap each of the bacon piece and with plastic sheet, place it in a jar however, do not make mistake of adding liquid in the jars.
  • Now you have to place the jars into a pressure canner and allow then to get processed for at least for 25 minutes; it will add longer shelf life for the canned bacons.
  • When the canning process will get over, allow these jars to wait for another 45 minutes around so that the content of the jar should take room temperature.

Now when you have learned how to can Bacon, it is better to try the canning process right now.

Enjoy Bacon anytime!!!

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How To Can Bacon