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How To Store Chocolate?

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Storing ChocolateHow to store chocolate and enjoy the raving taste for weeks to follow? Not a very twisty question, but the answer could be pretty technical and nifty. The chocolate connoisseurs would never wish to see their chocolate chunks all melting and denting. We all are familiar with the condition when chocolates are not stored properly or are kept carelessly in hot and humid clime. Chocolates are made out of cocoa, butter, raisins, sugar, and milk. These are the ingredients which can easily encourage fungal, moldy, and bacterial attack if chocolates are not kept well stored. Let us therefore, take a chocolate drive and learn the basics of storing chocolate in hassle free manner.



Consequences of Improper Chocolate Storage

  • Improper chocolate storage could be a good eye opener for those who maintain the fact that chocolates never face decadence. Wrongly stored chocolates can give rise to two types of blooms on its surface: Fat blooms and Sugar blooms.
  • Fat blooms are the recrystallized crystals of cocoa, which results due to bad storage. The white film like formation makes you alert about the fat bloom formation. They are oily and cracked in texture.
  • Sugar blooms are formed due to crystallization of sugar lumps due to melting down of chocolates. Fall of water droplets or high humidity can aggravate the sugar blooms and make it nutty and gritty. This condition is bit detrimental as it may absorb the air contaminants and strip the chocolate off flavor and taste.


Easy Chocolate Storage Tips

  • The dark chocolates are the one which keep fairly well in your fridge. The challenging ones are milk and white chocolates. They need special crafty techniques for storage.
  • Keep milk chocolates locked in vault after getting it sealed in air tight glass jars. Make sure that the storage place is not in direct link to sunlight, and should be necessarily gloomy, dark, but well ventilated.
  • White chocolates need  plastic zip lock vaccumized bags for storage purpose. Keep such chocolates in freezer. Before consuming them, bring them back to room temperature once they are out of freezer.
  • In case, your chocolate has already melted, you can reshape it back by adding some vegetable oil ounces to it. Relax, as this will never alter the chocolate taste.
  • Chocolates usually melt at 90 degree, so the ideal storage conditions for them are 60 degree F, at 50 percent humidity.

Savor the heavenly chocolate taste with these simple tips on how to store chocolate and make your day a chocolate treat!

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How To Store Chocolate?