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How to Can Cabbage

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How to can cabbage is an intricate issue because canning cabbage requires much care and it is not meant for quite longer shelf life unless proper process and sterilization method is followed. Canning cabbage is best done by combo of heat processing and heat-processing process. Raw cabbage is made picked and sour cabbage and it is stored for the off season when cabbage as vegetable is not available in market. Use of sour pickled cabbage in summer season is widely popular culinary process in Unites States. It is a healthy canned food option and if preserved properly can offer good storage time with all health benefits.



Sterilization of jars and lids


  • Wash the jars with lukewarm soapy water.
  • Put the jars in off lid condition in a big saucepan filled with boiling water
  • Let the jars be boiled in the water for 10-15 minutes.
  • Lids are to be sterilized separately
  • After 10 minutes boiling keep the jar-lids in the boiled water; the saucepan-lid should be kept closed. Let the saucepan sit with the warm water in it, off the flame.



How to prepare cabbage for canning


Take some medium sized cabbages, and remove its outer leaves.

Make a hole in each of the trimmed cabbage with knife and pour some salt through the hole.

Take a plastic bucket and put these cabbages upside down manner in this basket

In the whole you can put horseradish roots, tiny branches of savory, dill and brine, etc.

It takes ½ day to start fermentation;

After the preservation time is over it adds sour taste in the canned cabbage, and it is one of the best weapons for canning jars.


After canning, put the jars into pressure canner and let them boil the cans. Now you are well aware how to can cabbage therefore it is better to try it. Canned vegetables are wonderful items for sour soup etc. Shelf life of this canned veggie is 3-5 weeks, however, both green and red quality cabbage can be preserved by canning.



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How To Can Cabbage