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How To Can Butter

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How to can butter

It is essential to know how to can butter because you ned to store home made butter. Canning butter is easy but before starting the entire process you should take double precautions about the hygiene of the utensils and ingredients. Make use of the goodness of butter for a longer period understaning how to can butter.



In case you want to learn how to can butter you have to learn the sterilizing process of jars and the lids first.


To Sterilize Jars


  • You should wash them into lukewarm soapy water.
  • Place the jars into a water bath canner and boil the jars for 10 minutes.
  • Remove the jars from water and allow them to be dry, however, this water boiling method should be practiced immediately before canning butter.
  • Instead hand washing process, dishwasher with sanitize feature can be used for washing the preserving jars as well.
  • One pound of butter fills one pint jar roughly, in case you are canning 11 pounds of butter you should sterilize 12 pint jars.
  • Use a roasting plan for sterilizing pint jars.


To Sterilize Lids


  • Place the lids in a water filled saucepan on flame.
  • Allow the water to boil for 10-15 min including lids.
  • Take out the leads out of the water when you will seal the cans, otherwise keep them in water and close the lid of the saucepan.


The Steps Concerning How To Can Butter


  • Start melting butter under slow heat until the melted butter comes to slow boiling.
  • Use a large spatula and stir frequently the bottom of the melting pot so that butter cannot get burnt.
  • When the whole butter will come to slow boiling using a canning jar funnel start filling the pint jars.
  • For each of the jar you should spare ¼th portion of place vacant; this filler space will allow better shaking.
  • Place the lids from the warm water on the jar, before placing dry them thoroughly with paper towel.
  • Initially the canned butter will look foamy and whit at bottom; keep on shaking the entire butter in the jar in every 5 minutes till the canned butte takes a consistent density.
  • While the canned butter is still warm, place the cans inside freezer and start shaking in every 5 minute until butter becomes hard.
  • Leave the jars inside the freeze for next one hour.
  • After one hour, you will find that butter inside the jars is taken solid form. Take them out and store the jars in cool, dry place; it will give you more or less 3 year shelf life.
  • However once a can is opened, it is better to keep the left over in freeze.


With these elaborate and specific how to can butter description I hope now you will be able to manage canning home made butter for a great shelf life and will enjoy the delicious flavor for long.


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How To Can Butter