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How To Can Mayonnaise

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How to can mayonnaise is a tricky question, if not for the veteran kitchen makers but for the young amateurs. Canning mayonnaise is quite simple but while doing the process you have to be alert and alarmed about the hygienic execution of the whole process otherwise all your efforts may go in vein.


One of the prime features of canning mayonnaise is sterilization of the canning jars.  You have to take special care for sterilization. The lids and the jars are to be sterilized separately.


Sterilizing Jars And Lids


  • You can sterilize jars in dishwasher with sanitize feature. Otherwise sterilization in boiling water for 10-minutes is a conventional and trusted sterilization method.
  • For lids sterilize them into boiling water separately for 10 minutes and until the lids are used leave them into boiled water in lid closed condition. Take the saucepan off from the flame.


Esential Steps To Can Mayonnaise


  • It is to be remembered that mayonnaise is extremely sensitive food item and easily perishable. The shelf life of mayo is hardly a few days. Therefore canning of mayonnaise is never recommended. However in case you have to it because of some reason, try to use the storage as early as possible.


  • Jars of Mayonnaise cannot be put in pressure canner because jars get broken. After filling the jars it is wise to keep them into freeze for 2-3 hours. Once Mayo gets settles you can store them in a cold dry dark space for 4-7 days at the most.


  • It is better to fill jars with Mayo in semi liquid condition; mayo can be melted on burner however the entire melting process should be done under slow heat.


  • It is never wise to use wet spoon in the jar to get some may out for use. It is better to use a dry and sterilized spoons for taking out mayo portion fro can.


Now when you have learned how to can Mayonnaise at home, you may try canning with a minor quantity for initial practice.


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How To Can Mayonnaise