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How To Can Venison

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Before learning the process of how to can venison, let’s take a look on what venison is. As it is deer-meat of lean meat variety, consumption of venison is gaining popularity nowadays. Canning venison is one of the most accepted ways for meat preservation especially for those who do not like its frozen taste. Read on further to learn the easy methods how to can venison in home for further use in cooking.



Sterilization of jars and lids


Before plunging into the process of canning let’s have a look on the sterilization part of cans.


  • The jars should be sterilized with best care and protection otherwise the stored meat can be contaminated and may pose fatal danger to health.
  • For home use, 10 minutes water boiling method into roast pan is a wonderful option; the rings and lids should be boiled separately.
  • Until you are not using the lids and rings, you should keep them soaked in the water and the sterilized pot should remained covered with air tight lid.



Steps concerning how to can venison


  • You can preserve venison by canning in two methods like hot pack or raw pack. However canning venison process is entirely different in these two methods. However in both these processes meat should be chopped in small 1 inch around size; trim off fat as maximum as possible.


  • If you wish to go for raw pack of venison, you should pack the venison inside the jar loosely and sprinkle salt only on the meat for seasoning; you should not add any liquid in this canning venison process. Keep one inch space vacant on the top of the jar.


  • In case your preference is hot pack for venison, you have to brown the meat or have to do partial cook of the meat. Once this half-cooked meat is ready, fill them in the jar, add ½ teaspoon salt/pint and then broth, tomato juice, or boiled water should be added in the jar so that the met gets drowned in it. Exclude air bubbles from the jar inside.


  • Clean the top of the jars before covering them with sterilized dry lids.


  • For canning take in consideration about the amount of meat, the location where theis canning process is done [the altitude], and the size of the jars.


I hope now you are comfortable with the process how to can venison. Start canning venison today and get them stored for later use.


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How To Can Venison