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How To Store Onion

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Storing OnionThe widespread use of onions in countless dishes, irrespective of the cuisines, have raised the need for knowing how to store onions in the right way. All of us have the habit if buying onions in smaller quantities and using it immediately. So, we would have never thought of storing onions for a longer period of time. But now these tips on how to store onions will help you to keep the onions fresh for a longer period of time. Read on for more.



Onion Trivia


Onions come in two broad varieties, the early harvested one and the late harvested forms. Sweet onions are early harvested types and have small shelf life than the later. They are high in moisture and sugar content and therefore need special care during storage.


The late varieties are the one which how long shelf life and can be kept for a good one month. Onions can however, be harvested and stored at any stage of their growing phase. The bright green ones are the earliest growth phase widely used in soups, while the red onion varieties are most cherished types.


Simple Tips on Onion Storage


  • While purchasing onion, look out for red, big, and dry varieties. These can give you long shelf span.
  • Try to stay steer clear of those onions which have absorbed moisture and seem to be bit mushy. They are the one which have entered the rot phase and cause of poisoning as well.
  • The improper storage amounts to mold like black outgrowth on the scales of onions. This could happen if they are stored for long duration near other stale veggies or are kept in hot and humid clime.
  • Always keep onions segregated from potatoes or garlic. Sort out different baskets for red, purple, and green onion varieties.
  • One of the best methods which take the cake is to tie a knot between onions and make a bundle of onions in this way. Keep it in dark, cool and arid location with hanging top. You can cut the hose and bring it into use whenever required.
  • One important note while storing onion is to place them them in plastic bags inside well ventilated cabinets.


You can endlessly enjoy the pungent flavor of onions without compromising on its taste and nutritional profile, once you are armed with the knowledge of how to store onion.


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How To Store Onion