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How To Can Sardines

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How to can sardines is perhaps an easy task for the professional chefs but for some homemakers it is a tough task. However, canning sardines is not at all a tough job provided you know the tricks. Read on further, to learn the easiest tricks concerning how to can sardines.




The essential equipments for canning sardines


  • 1 herring
  • A medium sized bowl
  • Pressure cooker
  • I small canning jar
  • Knife
  • 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon canning salt
  • 1 small canning jar
  • 3 table spoon mustard
  • 1amnd ½ cup water
  • Cooking Oil


Easy Steps Narrating How To Can Sardines


  • Do scaling of the fish thoroughly, pull out internal organs and clear the head. Size the head with a sharp slice knife. Make an incision from the throat down so that using your fingers you can pull out the viscera.
  • Get the canning jars ready. You should prepare the jars by 20 minute boiling method and for best use you should air dry system. Jars can be washed by dishwasher as well with sanitize options.
  • You have to pack the fished into canning jar; you have to put the fish inside the jar in such a way that the fish completely remains in between the jar.
  • Make a paste mixing mustard and water and add the same in the canned fish inside the jar. After adding mustard powder in the canned fish, now it’s turn to add canning salt and lemon juice in the can. These ingredients work as preservatives in the canning sardine process. Lastly add cooking oil in the jar above all these ingredients in such quantity so that the oil level remains one inch below the lid.
  • Cook the jar lid on condition for 75 minutes under 15 lb pressures, and your canning sardine process is over.


I hope, your learning lesson about how to can sardines are over and with these helps you have learned canning sardines tricks and can take care of the process by yourself.


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How To Can Sardines