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How to Store Syrups?

storing syrupLet’s scour through kitchen essentials to learn about how to store syrups especially if you have a kitchen cabinet, which simply puffs up with its weight-age.   If you don’t store syrups properly they either get crystallized around the lid-area, or emanate an aged or over-matured odor.


How To Store Syrups Properly


Syrups are stored depending on the make (the extract used), the climate and the mode of preparation(whether natural additives added to prolong shelf-life). Mostly syrups are stored in food grade plastic cans, which are air-tight. You should also ensure that the syrups are kept away from sunlight.


Storing  syrups – The General Category


Depending upon the extract used, the appropriate storage technique is applied. For instance, fruit syrups last long, when frozen in plastic containers or zip-lock bags. Sugar syrups, corn syrup or sorghum syrups can be stored in air-tight containers at room temperature. Here are a few tips on how to store simple syrup.


Store At Romm Temperature


If you want to store syrups at room temperature, canning-type jars with tight lids are a good option. But depending upon the sugar-water ratio used for making the syrup, the shelf-life of the syrup is determined.


Refrigerate For Longer Shelf Life


Glass jars are preferred for refrigeration and under cold storage you can store syrups for up to a month. But make sure that the glass jars under use have lids, which can be sealed.


Freeze For A Better Life


Freezing is another option to store syrups. Take the syrup to be stored in a freezer container, which has “snap-lock” system. Put the freezer container in a zip lock or freezer bag, label it with the name and date. This kind of syrup-storage can last for up to a year.

Storing Maple Syrup


For the expensive variety of syrups such as Maple, you should adopt effective storage techniques.

Some tips for storing maple syrup:

• You store the syrup in containers and refrigerate.

• If you have large containers of maple syrup, you can also heat the syrup to a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius and transfer the syrup into hot sterilized jars and fill it to the brim, leaving no air-space. Seal the jars.

• Maple syrups can also be frozen by keeping them in small containers.

Some handy cooking tips and helpful storage techniques (like how to store syrups) preserve the essence of your cooking style and culinary expertise!

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How To Store Syrups?