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How To Preserve Avocado?

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Avocado fruit


Avocado is a fruit that is used as a savory in a number of dishes, and come with a light green and creamy inner flesh with a mild, buttery taste with a relatively short shelf life and therefore, is very important to learn to know how to preserve avocado. The maximum number of days that you can preserve avocado inside the refrigerator is three days , and over ripened avocados are not palatable.


How to choose the right avocado for purchase

Depending on your needs, you can buy an unripened hard avocado that will last longer inside the refrigerator as the ripening process will be much slower at lower temperature, and hence you can store them even for a week.

But if you are going to use immediately, then choose the correctly ripened avocado which is soft and not too soft or hard for immediate use. This could be stored inside the refrigerator for nearly three days.

Storing in the right place:

When you refrigerate the avocado, which is the only way to preserve avocado, store them in the vegetable tray that does not contains fruits like apples and bananas, which under low temperatures also emits the ethylene gas causing the avocado to over ripe and cannot be eaten.

When to cut Avocado fruitand how to preserve Avocado leftovers

The best time to cut the avocado is to remove the outer dark green peel, the inner pit, and the seed just before you want to eat them. The longer the flesh is exposed to room temperature the more quicker they turn brown, and even if you store them in the refrigerator cannot help you. So this is best to cut Avocado fruit prior to use, and use them entirely once cut.

When this is not possible, transfer the leftovers to an airtight container and slice a half a lemon to squeeze down the juice rich in antioxidants, which will prevent the avocados from browning easily. You can also store them along with peeled oranges. Discard seeds and the leathery layers of the lemon or the orange, you can use them later as a cold dessert or a delicacy with sugar to add taste.  This way you can store them for two days and discard the brown areas, which are not for consumption.

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How To Preserve Avocado?