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How To Keep Broccoli Fresh?

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Broccoli is better described as a wonder food and is no wonder in getting to know how to keep broccoli fresh. This wonder food filled with nutrition and health building food does not stay fresh longer once bought. This is necessary that you take immediate measures to store broccoli as you buy them from the market. The best method to store broccoli is by keeping them under refrigeration or use of low temperature. Discussed here are ways to refrigerate broccoli for keeping broccoli fresh.


Broccoli should be stored within half the hour of purchase and should be stored unwashed to keep them dry. If you wash them, dab them dry and drain all the water and pack them in plastic wraps with ventilating holes or make them using a fork. This is also fun in keeping your broccoli fresh. As refrigeration slows down the conversion of sugars to lignin the vegetable do not turn brown keeping intact the texture, flavor and vitamin C content. The best place to store the vegetable in the fridge is the vegetable tray at the bottom and washing broccoli before use is highly recommended. This way you can keep them in the fridge for four to five days.


Broccoli could be left out in the room temperature if you are planning to use them within two days of purchase.


Broccoli could be cut into small florets and the florets could be washed using cold water, and stored in a container containing cold water and placing the florets up right. This container could be sealed airtight and left inside the refrigerator.


Some of the common points to be remembered while storing broccoli is to peel the leaves at the bottom of the stalk and cut the stalk. The florets need to be cut 3 inch away from the stalk.


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How To Keep Broccoli Fresh?