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How To Keep Rice Fresh?

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How to keep rice freshThere is nothing quizzical in getting to know how to keep rice fresh, and here are some of the best ways discussed to keep the rice fresh when you want to eat them for a longer period. The best ways to keep cooked rice fresh is refrigeration and freezing and the use of high temperature.




Since you are cooking the rice under the pressure of steam, this is best sterilized and do not get spoilt that easily unless you expose them to open air and moisture very often. Let us see how to keep rice fresh:


Store In Airtight Containers


The cooked rice in a closed container with no room for air, can stay fresh for a single day.




The left over rice can be used the next day by leaving them in the refrigerator at lower temperatures, and when you need them for cooking and reuse them, bring them to room temperature and steam them for five to ten minutes or sprinkle some water and microwave for two minutes on high and five minutes on slow.


Deep Freezing


Yet another method of storing rice for a week or more is to refrigerate them in the freezer or deep freezer. Drain the rice of water, and transfer all the contents to the air tight container or zip lock freezer bags and put them into the freezer. The frozen rice will stay fresh for a week or so. When you want rice for use, remove only the required portion and put the rest back into the freezer and thaw the removed and the required portion and steam or microwave before use. You will still find there will be no loss in flavor, aroma and texture to a certain extent by using this method. This rice is best for making fried rice as this rice stays separate.


Keeping Raw Rice Fresh


If you are wondering how to keep raw rice fresh is to put them in an air tight container, or leave them in the sack that you purchased with enough ventilation. Store the required amounts in small quantities separates and seal the bulk quantities to prevent infestation if you are going to put them in the store.


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How To Keep Rice Fresh?