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How To Preserve Guacamole

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preserving Guacamole

Guacamole is a delicious and delicate dish to handle but the taste and color of guacamole changes within hours making it an unappetizing dish. If you hate to waste your leftover guacamole then try these methods of preserving guacamole.

Chill Guacamole

The best way to keep your guacamole fresh is to keep it cold all the time. This helps to keep ingredients like onion crispy and nice. Always store what you aren't eating in the fridge.

Keep Guacamole In the smallest possible container

Use the smallest possible container to store leftover guacamole, this will prevent the guacamole from getting exposed to air and thus helps to preserve guacamole for a long time.

Always keep Guacamole Covered

Never keep your guacamole uncovered. If you do so, within no time your delicious guacamole will turn brown and unappetizing. Cover the guacamole container with some kind of cover, or a plastic or aluminum wrap.

Use preservatives

Use natural preservatives like salt and lemon juice to preserve guacamole and enhance taste. Sprinkle lemon or lime juice over guacamole to prevent it from browning. 

Cover with Mayonnaise

Cover guacamole with a thin layer of mayonnaise. Before eating, the mayonnaise and guacamole can be mixed for a creamy texture. 


Now that you know how to preserve guacamole, you can prepare some guacamole and keep it in the refrigerator for immediate use. Remember, keep it cold, covered, and use salt, lemon/lime juice or mayonnaise!


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How To Preserve Guacamole