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How To Keep Spinach Fresh

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keeping spinach fresh

Most of us love spinach but meet with difficulty as we don't know how to keep spinach fresh. Spinach is best kept fresh in the refrigerator for almost a week. Spinach keeps fresh when stored as they are on their stems or leaves stored separated from the stems.

How To Keep Spinach Fresh in Refrigerator

Keeping spinach fresh in refrigerator is very easy and handy.

Keep Spinach Fresh in Perforated Plastic Covers

  1. Buy fresh green spinach in bags from market.

  2. Make 5 or 7 holes in the sides of the bag.

  3. Open the bag and remove all damaged and bruised leaves.

  4. Take perforated plastic bags and line with paper towels.

  5. Place cleaned and shaken dry spinach in the bag.

  6. Seal loosely.

  7. Keep bag in vegetable crisper draw in refrigerator.

  8. Use spinach within 7 t0 10 days.

How To Keep Spinach Fresh in Tall Containers

  1. Check store bought spinach bunch for wilted leaves. Discard discolored and mushy leaves.

  2. Shake dry the good leaves.

  3. Trim 1 inch of the stems from bottom.

  4. Take a tall container and fill it with 2 inches of water.

  5. Place spinach stem down into the container such that the stems dip into the water.

  6. Cover the spinach head and container with plastic bag.

  7. Place spinach in the refrigerator.

  8. Use within 5 days.

  9. Check and change water regularly.

Tips for Keeping Spinach Fresh

  • Ensure that all damaged and bruised leaves are totally discarded before keeping spinach in refrigerator.

  • Take care to change paper towels often.

  • Reseal package every time spinach is taken and used.

  • Only use spinach if it smells fresh.

  • Rinse spinach repeatedly before using and get rid off all grit and sand.

So you see, keeping spinach fresh for using in various recipes throughout the week is not a daunting task anymore. Know more about how to keep spinach fresh here.


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How To Keep Spinach Fresh