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How To Keep Mint Fresh

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keeping mint freshThe knowledge of how to keep mint fresh gains priority with the rising prices of this very refreshing and exotic herb. Mint keeps fresh in refrigerator as well as in the freezer, but nothing beats the fresh smell and taste of mint just plucked from the kitchen garden or kept fresh in small vases on kitchen counter.

Keeping Mint Fresh in Refrigerator

Mint keeps fresh for as long as 7 days in the refrigerator. Mint can be packed in plastic bags or even placed in tall containers and kept fresh in refrigerator.

  1. Untie mint bundle or bring mint from garden.

  2. Slightly wet a kitchen paper towel.

  3. Place mint leaves on towel and slowly wrap them.

  4. Keep wrapped kitchen towel in plastic bag.

  5. Seal loosely allowing circulation of air.

  6. Place in crisper drawer of refrigerator.

  7. Use within 7 days.

How to Keep Mint Fresh at Room Temperature

Keeping mint fresh at room temperature can be done by putting them in small vases and placing them around kitchen counter or near windows.

  1. Snip 1 inch off the stems of mint.

  2. Take a small vase and fill some water in it.

  3. Place the mint, stem down in the vase like flowers.

  4. The snipped end of mint stems would readily take in water keeping mint fresh.

  5. Mint keeps fresh for a week.

How to Keep Mint Fresh in Freezer

  1. Harvest mint leaves early morning or untie bundle of store bought mint.

  2. Pluck out the leaves from stems gently.

  3. Clean mint leaves in cold water carefully.

  4. Pat dry leaves with paper towels.

  5. Place dried mint leaves on baking sheet.

  6. Keep baking sheet in freezer for 3 to 4 hours.

  7. Transfer mint leaves to freezer bags.

  8. Seal and place in freezer.

  9. Use within 3 months.

Tips to Keep Mint Fresh

  • Refrigerate only fresh, green mint.

  • Browning leaves or stem should be discarded.


Keeping mint fresh would aid in using this herb generously in recipes and gaining from its many health benefits  too.















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How To Keep Mint Fresh