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How To Keep Mozarella Fresh

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keep mozzarella feshThere is nothing to bother much about how to keep Mozarella cheese fresh as they are commercially available. 

You will find the Mozarella cheese is available fresh for use within two to three days, and comes in different forms commercially but you can adopt a few techniques at home too.

Methods of Keeping Mozzarella Fresh

  1. Fresh mozzarella cheese balls are sold in brine, whey and water solution, which helps them to retain the shape and flavor. You can also do the same by buying blocks of fresh mozzarella cheese, and roll them into small balls or cubes and store them into the homemade brine or whey solution and water solution.  This cheese is rich in taste, creamy and much softer than the processed cheese.
  2. Soft balls of cheeses when marinated in olive oil with or without herbs are called boconccini, and are commercially available.
  3. Smoked mozzarella is known as mozzarella affumicata.
  4. Manteca is fresh mozzarella molded around a layer of butter, but the chances of them turning rancid is much faster in comparison to other methods of keeping the cheese fresh.
  5. Some of the other ways that you can keep the Mozarella cheese fresh and in readily edible forms will include fillings of olives, prosciutto, Parma ham, sun-dried tomatoes, and with a variety of herbs like rosemary.

But one thing that you should do remember is that how much ever effort you take you can never keep the cheese fresh more than two to three days, and as for all the cheeses, one thing that you should not forget is that, you need to keep the mozzarella cheese refrigerated all the time to retain the hydration for a much creamier and cheesy taste.

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How To Keep Mozarella Fresh