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How To Keep Parsley Fresh

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keep parsley fresh  Old and wilted parsley can ruin dishes and hence gaining information on how to keep parsley fresh can be very useful. Moisture requirement is a critical factor for keeping parsley fresh and special attention should be paid to this.

Keep Parsley Fresh at Room Temperature

Parsley should be kept near moisture since they last longer in and around water. Fresh parsley can dry out and get spoiled when placed in a dry area.

  1. Buy fresh parsley from store.

  2. Cut off stems and store them like how flowers are stored.

  3. Take a jar of water and place parsley in it.

  4. Cover the jar and parsley with a plastic bag.

  5. Place at room temperature.

  6. Check water level and parsley frequently.

Keeping Parsley Fresh in Refrigerator 


Parsley keeps fresh in refrigerator for weeks. As long parsley is moist, they remain fresh.

  1. Buy fresh parsley from market. Check for wilting leaves. Buy only green and fresh smelling parsley.

  2. Wash parsley with cool water.

  3. Wrap in damp paper towels.

  4. Keep wrapped parsley in plastic bag and seal.

  5. Place plastic bag in vegetable drawer in refrigerator.

Parsley can be kept in refrigerator in a sealed plastic bag with a sprinkle of water if paper towels are not available.

Parsley keeps fresh in 'green' bags too. These bags are available in markets and would keep parsley fresh for weeks. The parsley needs to be dried and placed in green bags. The green bag can be stored in refrigerator as above. Parsley keeps fresh for over 2 weeks when stored in this manner.

Tips to Keep Parsley Fresh

  • Buy fresh parsley. Brown or yellow colored leaves indicate wilting. Similarly, only fresh smelling parsley can be kept fresh for longer.

  • Parsley will dry out if left out in the open without any source of moisture.

  • When keeping parsley fresh in jar or bowl containing water, ensure that the water is changed frequently.

  • Re-moisten or change paper towels used for wrapping parsley regularly.

Follow these instructions on how to keep parsley fresh and enjoy the freshness of this herb in a variety of recipes.

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How To Keep Parsley Fresh