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How To Keep Asparagus Fresh

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keeping asparagus freshKeeping asparagus fresh is easy once you decide to treat them gently like you would treat flowers. They need to be trimmed and placed in a jar of water to be kept fresh longer. Refrigeration is required if asparagus needs to be kept fresh for as long as 10 days.







How to Keep Asparagus Fresh in Refrigerator


Asparagus keeps fresh in refrigerator for more than a week, but they need to be carefully stored upright in order to last long.


  1. Buy fresh asparagus from market. Take care to examine the asparagus and select tender, green ones with medium sized stalks.

  2. Wash asparagus thoroughly using cold water. Alternately, asparagus can be washed and cleaned using a vegetable washing product.

  3. Take a tall container or jar and fill cold water in it to 2 inches from bottom.

  4. Take single stalks of asparagus and trim 1 inch from the bottom. This is similar to cutting stems of flowers.

  5. Place each cut asparagus into the container with water. Immerse the cut end of asparagus stalk into water.

  6. Place this tall container with asparagus in refrigerator. Ensure that it is kept away from direct light.

  7. Use within 10 days.






Tips on How to Keep Asparagus Fresh



  • Buy fresh asparagus from store. Check for tenderness by snapping stalk in half. Those that snap easily are fresh. Remember that the thickness of stalks are not indicative of tenderness.

  • Prior to refrigerating asparagus, it would be better to discard the woody part of the stalks since tender stalks of asparagus keeps fresh longer. Take a knife and slit the stalk from base to tip. The part of stalk that is difficult to cut through can be discarded.

  • The asparagus as well as jar it is placed in can be covered with plastic bag to avoid loss of moisture before being placed in refrigerator.

  • Change water regularly.


Keeping asparagus fresh for long is no daunting task. Get to know more about keeping asparagus fresh here.


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How To Keep Asparagus Fresh