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How To Keep Shrimp Fresh

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Keeping shrimp fresh

Thinking of keeping shrimp fresh does not matter whether the shrimp is of the fresh water type or from sea water, as the methods of keeping shrimps fresh are similar. 

Cleaning the shrimp

Clean shrimp by first removing the slimy layer that is formed around the shrimp on the air-water-body surface interface of the shellfish. This is the source of spoilage organisms and so you need to rub the fresh shrimp on a coarse surface to remove the slimy layer on the surface of the shrimp, which is followed by de-shelling and deveining the shrimp. De-shelling the shrimp commences from the legs, and pull the shell upwards to remove the front part of the shell, and the same process is repeated to remove the shell at the back side of the shrimp also. The shrimp is deveined following deshelling by using a small and sharp knife to make a shallow slit from the head to the tail of the shrimp and rinse in cold running water to remove the vein using the tip of the knife to pull the vein that stand out under the cold water.

Once done with the cleaning of the shrimp is done, this is best to keep them fresh using low temperature techniques. The use of low temperature for storing shrimp fresh will include refrigeration and freezing.


Leave the shrimp wrapped with ice and leave them in the coldest part of the refrigerator at 32 to 38 Fahrenheit. The ice at this temperature melts and needs to be replaced as and when this melts. This way the shrimp stays fresh for two to three days, and could be kept more fresh by using germicidal ices like the eutectic ice (ice with common salt) or noneutectic ice (sodium benzoate added ice). When you use noneutectic ice, rub the remaining ice well before adding the fresh ice during refrigeration to spread the preservatives or germicides evenly on the entire batch of shrimps.


This is a useful method for storing shrimp for nearly four to six months. Store the shrimps with head removed and without deshelling them and submerged entirely in cold water to prevent cold burns and will help in retaining the flavor and texture.

Cooked shrimps remains fresh when refrigerated and can be kept for three to four days and the  frozen variety for a month only.  


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How To Keep Shrimp Fresh