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How To Keep Salmon Fresh

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how to keep salmon fresh  If you love salmon and use it very often, it is imperative that you know how to keep salmon fresh. Whether salmon is bought as steaks or fillers, it must smell of fresh ocean and be a bright pink to red in color. Salmon keeps fresh in refrigerator for 2 to 3 days but can be kept fresh as long as 3 months in the freezer.   

Keep Salmon Fresh in Refrigerator

Fresh salmon is firm to touch. Buying fresh salmon from market is very vital if not planning to use it the very same day.

  1. Buy fresh salmon from store.

  2. Remove packaging and ensure that it is fresh. Fresh salmon displays bright color.

  3. Rinse well in cool water.

  4. Pat dry with kitchen towels.

  5. Slice a lemon and place 2 to 3 lemon slices over the salmon. Lemon slices keeps salmon fresh.

  6. Wrap salmon with plastic wrap very tightly.

  7. Take a shallow pan and place wrapped salmon in it.

  8. Keep salmon in bottom shelf of refrigerator.

  9. Use within 2 to 3 days.

Keeping Salmon Fresh in Freezer

Salmon can be kept fresh in freezer for months.

  1. Rinse salmon well and pat dry with kitchen towels.

  2. Wrap salmon in plastic wrap followed by aluminum foil.

  3. Label with date and commodity.

  4. Place in coldest part of freezer. Adjust freezer temperature to 0 degrees or less.

Tips to Keep Salmon Fresh for Longer

  • Refrigerate salmon as soon as possible after buying from market.

  • Frozen salmon should be thawed by placing it unwrapped in refrigerator for a minimum of 24 hours. Alternately, salmon can be placed in some cold water for 30 minutes.

  • Ensure freshness of salmon prior to buying it.

  • Do not leave salmon at room temperature for long.

  • Do not even refreeze salmon that has been frozen and thawed previously.

  • Do not use salmon that smells fishy and is discolored.


These tips on how to keep salmon fresh would aid in keeping salmon fresh for longer duration so that it can be cooked into a variety of mouthwatering dishes.


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How To Keep Salmon Fresh