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How To Keep Chocolate Fresh

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keep chocolate fresh

How to keep chocolate fresh for a year or so requires a few cautionary measures. Keeping chocolate fresh is quite different from other foods. Let us therefore, discuss the two important ways of keeping chocolate fresh:

Use of Low temperatures for storing chocolate fresh

When you store chocolate using low temperatures, there are a number of varying cold storage options available, which are worth mentioning.

1. Cold Storage

Store the chocolate in a cool and dry place at 65° F taking care that humidity does not exceed 50 percent. This is because chocolate is affected because of the moisture and will result in a condition called “moisture bloom”, which is the development of a white haze and spots on the surface of the chocolate. Despite not affecting the flavor of the chocolate, this spoils the good display of the chocolate.

2. Freezing

Using this method one can store chocolate fresh for up to six months. Freeze the chocolates in airtight zip locked tightly sealed freezer bags, wrap this bag into another bag, and put them into the freezer. When you need those chocolates, thaw them to room temperature for use.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Storing Chocolates

  1. Avoid sunlight. Sunlight is an enemy to the chocolate. Notwithstanding the fading of the color of the chocolate, the heat from the sunlight also melts the chocolate to nothing, which makes them unpalatable.
  2. Avoid chemicals, cleaning solvents, perfumes and foodstuff like onions and garlic. In other words, do not store them near these chemicals and food items for they can contaminate chocolate and is best to keep them in tightly sealed containers.  
  3. Solid and pure chocolate has a shelf life of six to twelve months, while the shelf life of the chocolate can be reduced to a much lower span of time, nearly up to 50 per cent, especially when there is addition of raisins and nuts.

Learn how to store chocolates and enjoy the sweet temptation!

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How To Keep Chocolate Fresh