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How To Keep Cheese Fresh

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keep cheese fresh

If you have bought a huge brick of cheese and want to save some to use later, follow the instructions on how to keep cheese fresh and benefit. Cheese is prone to mold growth and has to be kept fresh in refrigerator.

Keep Cheese Fresh in Refrigerator

Keeping cheese fresh is easy once the below instructions are followed. Semi hard and hard natural cheese keeps fresh for months when kept fresh as described.


  1. Buy fresh cheese from store.

  2. Take a clean covered container and line it with dry and lightly crumpled kitchen towel.

  3. Remove packaging of cheese, rub some olive, canola or cooking oil on the surface. Rub only the cut surfaces of White, Washed rinds and Grey cheeses.

  4. Place inside container on the paper towels.

  5. Leave some breathing room.

  6. Once mold begins to grow, it will feed on the oil and leave the cheese alone. The mold can be wiped off.

  7. Wash cheese with tepid water and reapply a coat of oil.

  8. Store again as described. Make sure to lay fresh, dry kitchen towels in container.

Care to Be Taken To Keep Cheese Fresh in Refrigerator

A little care can go a long way in keeping cheese fresh for longer periods of time.

  1. Keep cheeses with different types of rinds like blue, flavored, white, washed etc in separate containers so as to prevent mingling of cheeses.

  2. Short term storage of cheeses can be facilitated in a resealable bag and cheese wrapped in crumpled towels.

  3. Check cheese for mold every week and wipe off mold formed. Eventually, mold will cease to grow.

  4. Wash container frequently and replace towels weekly.

Tips for Keeping Cheese Fresh for Longer

  • Do not buy, dry and discolored cheese.

  • Ensure that cheese is packaged well and sealed.

  • Unwrap cheese immediately on bringing home.

  • Always serve cheese at room temperature.


Get to know more on how to keep cheese fresh here and have a cheesy time enjoying fresh cheese whenever required.


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How To Keep Cheese Fresh