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How to Keep Cucumber Fresh

priyam's picture  Come summer and it becomes mandatory to know how to keep cucumber fresh for long. Cucumber keeps fresh in cooler temperatures. Hence they have to be refrigerated to maintain their freshness. But it would be worthwhile to remember that cucumber does not hold well in cold conditions and this is where special protection has to be rendered  to keep cucumber fresh for longer periods.

Keep Cucumber Fresh in Refrigerator 


Cucumber keeps fresh in cool areas and hence they can be kept fresh in refrigerator. Care should be taken to ensure that temperature is not less than 40 degrees F. Cucumbers should be kept in warmer areas in refrigerator like in the front trays and shelves.

  1. Buy fresh cucumber from market.

  2. Put them inside perforated plastic bags. If perforated plastic bags are not available, regular plastic bags will also do.

  3. Seal perforated bags but if cucumbers are stored in plastic bags, leave mouth open to allow escape of excess moisture.

  4. Keep cucumber towards front of vegetable crisper drawer inside refrigerator.

  5. Make sure that there are no tomatoes or apples stored along with cucumbers since these can lead to quick ripening and subsequent spoilage.

  6. Use cucumber within a week.

How to Keep Cucumber Fresh in Shrink Wraps

Shrink wrap cucumbers to keep them fresh.

  1. Invest in some shrink wrap bags that are longer than the cucumbers.

  2. Slip the shrink wrap over cucumber.

  3. The wrap should cover cucumber completely.

  4. Fold over the edges of shrink wrap.

  5. Turn on hair dryer to highest temperature and seal shrink wrap using the hot air from hair dryer.

  6. The hot blast of air would shrink the wrap bag tightly around cucumber.

  7. Store in refrigerator as above.

Tips to Keep Cucumber Fresh

  • Buy un-waxed cucumber if planning to eat skin too.

  • Buy green, firm cucumbers without any wrinkles or soft spots.

Get to know more on how to keep cucumber fresh here. Cucumbers are crisp and perfect ingredient for salads, dips and sandwiches. Since they are mostly served raw, it becomes very important to keep cucumber fresh for longer periods.


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How To Keep Cucumber Fresh