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How To Keep Ginger Fresh

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keep ginger fresh

Learn how to keep ginger fresh and extend its shelf life. When stored properly, fresh ginger keeps fresh for as long as 3 weeks in refrigerator. The quality of ginger bought from market also determines how long ginger would keep fresh.











Keeping Ginger Fresh in Refrigerator


Keeping ginger fresh requires special attention to avoid growth of mold.

  1. Buy fresh ginger from market. Fresh ginger would have a smooth surface and is firm to touch. Fresh ginger has light brown skin and white flesh.
  2. Dry ginger by blotting any kind of moisture off the surface of ginger using a kitchen towel.

  3. For keeping ginger fresh, place the ginger in brown paper bags or plastic storage bags. Brown paper bags are ideal since these absorb moisture as well as keep away light.

  4. Seal bag.

  5. Create room in the back of crisper draw in refrigerator for the ginger. Area at the back of crisper drawers are away from light and are also colder.

  6. Place ginger here, undisturbed for up to 2 to 3 weeks.


When cooking with ginger, cut out the amount required and replace the rest of ginger in bag and store as before in refrigerator.


Keeping Ginger Fresh at Room Temperature


Ginger can be kept fresh at room temperature for a week without any growth of mold.

  1. Buy fresh ginger from store.

  2. Wipe dry using a paper towel.

  3. Place in airtight glass jar and seal.

  4. Keep glass jar in cool, dark place.

  5. Use within 15 days.


Tips to Keep Ginger Fresh


  • Do not wash ginger prior to storing it in refrigerator since washing would leave behind moisture that can hasten mold growth.

  • Do not buy ginger that has a wrinkled appearance and is wet or moldy.

  • Ginger when stored in sherry will lose some of its flavor.



Learn how to keep ginger fresh for long and enjoy various recipes using this versatile spice. Try this one for a gingery experience!


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How To Keep Ginger Fresh