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How To Store Meringue

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storing meringueOne of the biggest drawbacks of the sugary food is how to store meringue. Thanks to the perishable ingredients used in meringue, that makes it stale very soon. It never last for more than two days. You need to know some common steps for storing meringue.

Storing Meringue

  • Place meringues in oil greased pans or bowls and seal its upper layer with foil or paper cover. This prevents the direct contact of meringue with air which might increase the staleness of it.
  • The most appropriate temperature of storing meringue is around seventy nine to eighty five degree Fahrenheit. Make a temperature suitable zone in and around your kitchen store or dining stock. Meringue can be stored at this temperature without going into refrigeration.
  • Drape a wax paper or tin foil around the meringue, and keep it away from direct sun rays. This goes a long way in keeping your meringue fresh as daisy for good number of hours.
  • Meringue should not be refrigerated as this process may turn it brittle and hard to use it further. But you need moderate climatic conditions to store meringue at least for forty eight hours in a go.
  • Make sure that the place or cabinet where you will be storing meringue is cool, dark, and completely dry. You can previously spray some mild pesticides before storing meringue.
  • One of the methods which take the cake is that, store meringue in wrappers made of paper towels, and then places it in canisters of glass or plastic. Put it in air tight big jars.

These were some of the tips on how to store meringue to enjoy the delicious bites of pies and cookies.

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How To Store Meringue