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How To Keep Corn Fresh

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keep corn fresh

How to keep corn fresh in spite of its notoriously short shelf period? Corn should be consumed as soon as possible after picking. With age, corn loses its sweet taste and nutrients. Nevertheless, corn can surely be kept fresh for a few days by taking some easy precautions. Also a little chemical treatment can help to keep corn fresh for up to 2 weeks.





Keep Corn Fresh By Treating with Chlorine Bleach


Treating corn with chlorine bleach and lemon juice can increase shelf life of corn and keep corn fresh for longer period.


  1. Buy fresh corn from market.

  2. Take a large container and fill it with cool water. Take note of the amount of water.

  3. Add chlorine bleach and lemon juice to the water. Each gallon of water would require 2 drops of chlorine bleach and 1 drop of lemon juice.

  4. Clean corn and take off husk and silk.

  5. Put corn in water containing chlorine bleach and lemon juice for 15 minutes.

  6. Pat dry corn.

  7. Take a freezer bag and place corn in it.

  8. Seal the bag carefully and tightly. Ensure that there is not much air inside the bag.

  9. Place freezer bags in crisper draw of refrigerator.

  10. Consume within 14 days.


 Keeping Corn Fresh By Refrigeration


Corn keeps fresh in refrigerator for up to 2 days.


  1. Do not remove husk or silk of corn.

  2. Place fresh corn in perforated plastic bag. This allows circulation of air.

  3. Keep bags in crisper draw of refrigerator.

  4. Corn keeps fresh and crisp for 2 days.


Keeping Corn Fresh After Separating Kernels from Cob


Corn kernels can be separated and kept fresh in refrigerator.


  1. Using a sharp knife detach corn kernels from cob.

  2. Leave ¼ inch of the kernels on cob to prevent cutting the tough fibers.

  3. Place kernels in air tight plastic container. Ensure to leave some space on top to facilitate expansion.

  4. Label with date.

  5. Place in refrigerator.


Tips to Keep Corn Fresh


  • Select corn with plump corn ears and husks wrapped around tightly.

  • The liquid that comes out on popping a corn kernel should be thin and watery. Thick and milky liquid indicates aged corn.


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How To Keep Corn Fresh