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How To Keep Onion Fresh

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keep onion freshLearn how to keep onion fresh for upto 3 to 6 months by following a few simple steps. Onions are a staple in most households and hence, keeping onions fresh gains importance.







Keeping Onions Fresh at Room Temperature


Onions can be easily kept fresh at room temperature. Whole onions do not require any kind of refrigeration or freezing to keep fresh.


  1. Select good onions from the market. Onions should be hard and dry. They should be devoid of soft spots or hollowed out necks.

  2. Remove excess skin by rubbing between palms.

  3. Place in mesh bags, brown paper bags, baskets etc one on top of another. Ensure that there is plenty of ventilation in between onions to keep them dry. Do not use plastic bags or containers that prevent air flow, for this will promote rotting

  4. Place baskets with onion in a cool, dark place like the pantry. The ideal temperature for keeping onions fresh is around 40 to 50 degrees F. Ensure that the temperature does not fall below 40 degrees F and rise above 65 degrees F if planning to keep onions fresh for longer periods of time.

  5. Check onions once a week and separate those which show signs of rot, soft spots or change in color.

  6. Use as and when required.


Keeping Peeled And Cut Onions Fresh 


Once peeled or cut, onions require refrigeration to be kept fresh. If planning to use only part of an onion for cooking, the other half of the onion can be kept fresh by wrapping in plastic film or place in zip-lock bags. The onion keeps fresh for only 2 to 3 days when stored in refrigerator. However, ensure that you use an air tight container or bag to store the cut onion, else the smell may adhere to all other food items in the refrigerator. 


Tips for Keeping Onion Fresh


  • Do not buy sprouted onions since these cannot be kept fresh for long.

  • Also avoid strong smelling onions since these are indicative of bruising or rot beneath skin.

  • Ideally onions that have flaky, dry skins that come off easily keep fresh for longer periods.

  • Plastic bags are best avoided since these can cause the onions to sprout.


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How To Keep Onion Fresh