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How To Preserve Ginger?

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ginger preservation

Ginger root, basically of Chinese origin is a popular spicy condiment in the Asian dishes infamous for its sweet, mildly pungent flavor, and aroma. This ginger is edible for up to 6 months in a root cellar and if you are thinking of preserving ginger longer, then you ought  to read this blog on how to preserve ginger. 



Tips To Preserve Ginger

Ginger can be preserved by canning, pickling, drying, syruping, or freezing. Read on to learn more...

Pickling ginger in vinegar

This is one of the best ways to preserve ginger and that, which can be used in dishes like Sushi and Chinese main dishes. This is the traditional way of preserving ginger fresh for months. Slice the ginger pieces without the outer skin and bottle them with vinegar in such a manner that they cover the bottle leaving a head space of 1” and seal the bottle with a cork to be stored in a cool and dark place. This pickle will be ready for use after 3 weeks or a month.

Drying ginger

It is yet another method of preserving ginger using a dehydrator and pulverizing to powder using mortar and pestle or a food processor. The powder is stored in airtight containers and is kept out of direct light.


Prepare Ginger syrup for use in syrup and candies by simmering the freshly chopped and peeled ginger in water both in equal quantities with the measurement being I kg of ginger being simmered in an equivalent quantity of water that is one litre of water for nearly an hour. Strain the mixture and discard the ginger, and add white sugar in the ration of 1:2 that is one part of sugar to two parts of ginger water. Bring the mixture to slow boiling by using gentle heat stirring constantly until the sugar is dissolved and bring the mixture further down to simmer for 15 minutes and pack them in canning jars and process them in water bath if you want this preparation for more than six months.

Apart from the above mentioned methods to preserve ginger, Ginger jams and jellies  can be prepared too.


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How To Preserve Ginger?