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How To Preserve Squash

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preserve squash

If you are wondering how to preserve squash for the winter, follow this simple technique this summer.




Some of the things that you will be requiring to preserve thes squash are the squash, large pot and bowl, ice, slotted spoon, colander, Ziploc freezer bags and straw.

  1. Give the squash a good cold water wash to remove any seen and unseen dirt and dust. Meanwhile, bring the water to boiling hot in the large pot filling up the pot two-thirds full and concurrently get a large bowl of cold water ready to use. The bowl should be large enough to hold the entire cut squash.
  2. Slice the ends apart of the squash and slice the rest of the fruit into pieces of half an inch thick. Fill them in the cold-water bowl to prevent browning and drying.
  3. Now remove them one by one into the boiling hot water, leave the slices in the boiling water for three minutes, and remove them using the slotted spoon.
  4. Transfer the boiled slice to the fresh batch of cold water in a bowl that you initially refrigerated and leave them inside the cold water for five minutes. Do this quickly that almost all the pieces are into the cold water in the same time.
  5. Allow the water to drain out using the colander, and see that they allow as much water as possible to drain out.
  6. Put them now into the Ziploc freezer bags, seal them airtight, put them into the freezer, thereby beating the freezer, and use them fresh during the off-season that is in winter.

Buy the beneficial vegetable in huge quantities as you know the trick of how to preserve squash now!


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How To Preserve Squash