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How To Preserve Tomato

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Are you dismayed that the tomatoes that you buy in the market go rotten? Do not worry anymore for here you will get to learn how to preserve tomatoes. Tomato preservation methods are usually done using one of the five ways. Read on and learn each of these techniques....





Tips to Preserve Tomato

The five ways of tomato preservation will include preparing tomato ketchup, refrigeration of fresh tomatoes, tomato puree, drying and canning.

Tomato Ketchup

This is a tomato sauce preparation without any addition of chemical additives and retaining the sweetness, sourness, acidity and spice, which stays well for two weeks to a month on opening, otherwise the shelf life is as such stays for six months.

Fresh Storage

Tomatoes are when unripened left out will stay long on being kept separated for a week and on ripening will start browning and shriveling within two to three days. These ripened tomatoes, when refrigerated stay good for two weeks or a fortnight depending on the level of ripening. The tomatoes then sooner turn brown.

Tomato sauce or tomato puree

This is a juicy tomato preservations, which is obtained by mashing the tomatoes and placed in clean and sterile jars and can stay like this for many months. For use transfer the entire lot into multiple jars and use them immediately within a fortnight on opening to prevent spoilage. If not what you need to do is not to let moisture reach these or expose these container to moisture. Use always dry spoon.

Dried tomatoes

This is yet another preservation method that the tomatoes are sun dried or oven dried and comes with a rich flavor and chewy texture, which could be reconstituted when you are need. Care is to be taken that these sun dried or oven dried tomatoes are kept intact in air tight vacuum sealed containers devoid of moisture and take only those you need, and touch only that you will be using. Use all of the tomatoes that you touch with your hand to let these tomatoes stay on the shelves for months together.


This is a method of preserving tomatoes in acidic condition under high pressure, which destroys and prevents the growth of any organism. Open canned cans and empty the contents instantly for use.

Now that you know how to preserve tomatoes efficiently why not refer to some of our tomato recipes to use these delicacies in your daily cooking. 

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How To Preserve Tomato