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How To Preserve Olive?

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olive preservation

You find that you have a bounteous harvest of olives this season and are wondering how to preserve olive, then here are a few ways that you can follow to preserve both the black and the green olives.




Tips To Preserve Olives


Some of the common methods of olive preservation include chilling, freezing, pickling, canning, and dehydrating. some of the most common ones are explained here...


Refrigeration and freezing

Keeping the olive and olive oil in the refrigerator is one of the best ways of preservation. Olives are desirably frozen for preserving them for further time, unfortunately or fortunately, olive oil is not desirable to be frozen. However, olive oil can be left outside in a dark cool place for a certain period also.


Pickling of olives

Olives could be cured or pickled before consumption and there are various methods by which they are cured before being pickled. Some of the common methods of preservation will include oil cured, water curing, brine curing, dry curing and lye curing. Green olive require lye curing before being taken to the brining stage, unlikely black olives can go straight to the brine solution container for being soaked in the brine. Olives are usually stuffed with filling like almonds, anchovies, jalapenos, onions, capers and can stored in containers.



Canning of olives will include curing the black and green olives and brining them under pressure and can be stored for many months.


Thus, storing olives is a difficult process for they turn brown within a few months on browning and are rich in antioxidants that self destroy the own fruits. Olives are best stored as their oil preparation and is therefore, much widely used as olive oil in many of the cuisines while olive fruits are used as such mostly in the Mediterranean diets only.


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How To Preserve Olive?