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How To Preserve Cucumber?

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preserve cucumbersAre you wondering how to preserve cucumbers and when is the right season to store them, without letting them turn brown or rot. 

Discussed here are how to preserve cucumbers:

1. Pickling

Pickling cucumbers is one of the most common ways to preserve them that not only keeps them from rotting but also from keeping them the flavor. There are two methods of pickling of cucumbers:

2. Canning

Canning cucumbers is to retain the fresh cucumbers as such without losing flavor in airtight jars. In this method of anaerobic preservation, wherein you will be soaking the cucumbers in brine, a salt solution that removes the air in the form of gas or air bubbles and is basically  a simple solution of salt and water

3. Curing or brining


This is the best way to soak the cucumber in acetic acid like white vinegar, and find out with experience as to which suits you the best to preserve cucumber.

b. Honey as a preservative for storing cucumber

Preserving honey is a very good way to store the cucumbers in the jars of honey and will prevent them from being rotten or formation of molds.

Besides, preparing dishes like cucumber salad or raita is the best alternative to cook cucumber or prepare diced cucumbers in curd and store them in the refrigerator for nearly a week. The best way to keep the raita inside the fridge is by retaining the container closed all the time, and keep  turning them over to prevent the cucumber in the raita from turning brown.

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How To Preserve Cucumber?