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How To Preserve Chillies

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Chilli peppers, a group of peppers that displays a wide variety of colors, flavors and hotness, are highly prone to browning and mold infestation. So learning how to preserve chilli is very important especially if you love the spice in your food. 


Here let us explore the various avenues to preserve chilli peppers. 



Tips to Preserve Chilli Peppers

Chilli peppers can be preserved in several different ways, including drying, freezing, pickling, and canning. However, drying seems to be the most prefered form of preserving chilli peppers.

1. Drying  

This is the most common, natural, and easiest way to prepare your chilli for long term storage. Remove the dust and dirt on them by washing them thoroughly and air-dry them. There are many ways you can dry them, like using a sundryer, which dries chillies placed in ventilated racks, or a well-ventilated drying room the chillies could be dried by hanging them on the thread. These dried chillies will ready within weeks and will be available for use over longer periods for many months or a year.

2. Freezing  

This is the best and simplest way to preserve the chilli. For freezing them, just zip lock the thoroughly washed and dried chilli and place the bags in the freezer. You need not remove the skin as the skin peels off when you thaw them.

3. Pickling  

Pickling chilli peppers in oil and spicy condiments is one of the best ways to store your chillies for months in a palatable form.

Preserving Chilli peppers in Olive oil is done by roasting or grilling the chilli peppers until the skin turns bubbly and black, which is not overcooked. Following this deskin the peppers and cut them into thin slices or thick strips, deseed and put them in a clean air tight jar. Pour in olive oil until enough to cover all, and refrigerate immediately. This way you can store them for a week or more.

4. Canning  

This is one of the common ways to do the chilli preservation and you will find stringent procedure is to be followed for bulk canning but you can use the one that your grandmother does using pressure cooker for household purpose.

Now that you know how to preserve chilli peppers, you sure can enjoy these spicy delight through the year. 


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How To Preserve Chillies