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How To Preserve Banana

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Preserve Bananas

It is very difficult to ascertain how to preserve bananas for they get brown spots and rot easily if left outside for a long time. In addition, bananas cannot be refrigerated for a long time. This blog discusses some of the sure-shot ways of preserving bananas. 


Tips to Preserve Bananas

  • The best way to preserve bananas is to keep them outside for longer periods at room temperature. When kept separated the amount of ethylene produced is less, which will in turn slower the ripening process.
  • Bananas are best left unrefrigerated and stored at temperatures not less than 18 ° to 20° C. Thus, a fruit hanger in an airy spot, which allows the gases to pass away is a perfect place for storing bananas.
  • Drying: Some of the other ways to prepare bananas and store them is to cut the unripened bananas into pieces, dehydrate them and make what is known as a favorite Indian snack as banana chips, that could also be used as a side dish. There are two kinds of this preparation, one being the white one and the other will give a yellow color and is less oily.  
  • Freezing: Though this is not the preferred method, bananas could be freezed and thawed before use after peeling and keeping the food in a freezer zip lock bag.
  • Pickling: Bananas to the best of my knowledge are not being pickled, while raw bananas might be stored in the brine solution, and used for making food preparations like chips and crackers.

Store them in huge quantities now that you know how to preserve bananas.

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How To Preserve Banana