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How To Preserve Onions

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How to preserve onions


 You need to know how to preserve onions for the rest of the season, especially during the rainy season. Onion preservation helps to keep a watch on your household budget.

Some of the best ways to preserve onions are dehydration, dry storage, drying and freezing.

1. Dehydration 

Put them onions in the oven dehydrator to save them from going waste and keep them dry to prevent rotting and mold formation by packing them immediately in air tight containers that contains no traces of moisture.

2. Dry Storage

Hang the onions without allowing the greens to touch each other in a cool, dark and dry place, and you will find the onion stay afresh or several weeks together and still use them. The best place if you ask to hang is the garage or a dark storeroom in your house with an exhaust fan, which dehydrates the entire room of moisture.

3. Onion dehydration

This is the actual dehydration methods for preserving onions. What you need to do is to cut the onions into thin slices. Pre heat the oven to 225 degree Celsius for eight hours or let the onion sit in the oven until they turn brittle but not brown. Then place these pieces and slices of onion in an air tight, moisture free container. They will stay for months together on your shelves that you can rehydrate them as and when needed.

4. Freezing

This is the option that you can opt to by placing the onion slices in a air tight container that has a ventilator and will not let the odor out to spoil the entire cooling system of your refrigerator with their odor. Thaw them when you want to use them.


Learn how to preserve onions before using them extensively.

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How To Preserve Onions