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How To Store Muffin

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Storing MuffinsThe main concern for mothers who are into regular practice of baking muffin is how to store muffin for that long time freshness both in taste and flavor. Improper storage practice makes the muffins  soggy, squelchy and quite mushy. The biggest enemy of muffin is molds and yeast which ferments the sugar in muffin and rots it to extremity. For those who are not aware on how to store muffin continue reading please.

Storing Muffins

  • Muffins are bit soft on inside, which more or less depends on the process of its making and the ingredients it contains. However, the moisture content in muffin is something which makes you crazy about its texture, and during the course of storage, we need to concentrate on moisture content.
  • While preparing muffins, use batter with extra whipped up cream, this helps in pore formation in final product. Avoid using over proportionate amount of cheese and cream, this reduces fat chance of acquiring mold infestation over muffins.
  • After serving your family with required muffins, you are supposed to let them cool completely.
  •  Muffins are ready to go into freezer, or say deep freezer. You should plan on this step, as to whether you wish to store it for good two months duration or want to get it consumed in a week or two.
  • If you want to store it for long time, get it to deep freezer in Ziploc bags which has been evacuated and vacuum sealed. However, if you use it within a week, store it in deep down side of refrigerator or in Tupperware container on room temperature.
  • You will not get to see stickiness surrounding your muffin if stored in this way.
  • Some other nifty tricks are to buy a clay based terracotta disk and put it in sealed bag full of muffin. This absorbs all the moisture from muffin and spares it from turning soggy.
  • You can also use saltines inside the muffin jar for short period of time storage. It helps in freshness retention in muffins.
  • One vote should go to thawing and toasting process of storage. You can take out your muffin and get it thawed for some 20 seconds or toast it for extra crispiness.

 These were some of he great tips on how to store muffin for brunch and supper time.

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How To Store Muffin