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How To Store Salads

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How To Store SaladWe are often baffled by the instant wilting and nasty appearance of freshly bought salads, and end up questioning ourselves on how to store salad for an extended time. Most of them if stored improperly become bruised and stinky.Salads increase our life span so in order to enhance their shelf life we ought to practice some general storing techniques and enjoy them for days.

Storing Salad

In here, we bring to you some witty tricks to help you in proper salad storage. This will ensure crispy and healthier salads for you in same flavor and taste.

  • Buy lettuce and salad ingredients which are not darker or brownie in appearance. Initial stage is essential for further storage cycles of salad. You must purchase only fresh, recently introduced sprouts and greens and not those which are withered and days old.
  • After this, you are ready to segregate the strings of lettuce or other salad greens or separate cucumber froHow To Store Saladm beet root. Wash them thoroughly by sinking them in chilled water, even cold water will also work. Let them sit there for some minutes. Take out bath in running tap water and again repeat the process. Make sure no sediment or particles are left in the leaves or wedges.
  • Now treat them in salad spinner if you don’t have spinner, you can make your own by using pillow covers as salad spinners. This process extracts the moisture content of salad and makes it dry.
  • Your salad is ready to be cut and chopped now. However, make sure that you use hand and not knife while chopping them Knife cuts makes salads darker and decreases their shelf life. Also, it is necessary that you do not cut very small pieces of salad, keep it broad and large; this is good for storage purpose.
  • Get some fresh paper towel and make paper rolls or layers. Put some salad on one paper towel, either rolls it by pressing or places another paper towel over it; make this in layered fashion until you have kept all the salad.
  • Slide this whole in intact form into dry polythene bags. It should be zipped and there should not be nay air inside it. Air keeps your salad ingredients alive by respiration, which wilts them.
  • You are done now, just put this in low humidity, environment of refrigerator.

These were some of the ideas on how to store salad for crunchy, crispy bites during unusual craving hours!

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How To Store Salads