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How To Preserve Lemon?

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preserve lemon juiceThe question of how to preserve lemon arises soon after you cut the lemon into two halves to extract the juice. The unused half tends to get softened or brown losing the juice.

Some of the best lemon preservation methods are as follows:

Freezing lemon

Preserve the lemon half by placing the freezer and thaw when you are in need to use.

Refrigeration of juice

Squeeze out all the lemon juice and store them in brown bottle out of the sun and light in the refrigerator.  This way you preserve lemon juice.

Freezing of lime or lemon juice

The way to go about with this technique is gather up all the lemons that you will be requiring for making the desired amount of juice to be preserved.

Bring all the lemon to room temperature and squeeze all the juice out. The lemon in room temperature is much easier to handle and will easily gives out all the juice that they contain.

Once collected, pour all the juice into the ice cube trays (use the smaller ones here) and freeze them. Smaller trays are preferred that when you need lemon juice you will not take more than what you need as in the case of bigger lemon juice cubes and re freeze them, which will cause a dent in their quality. There are many ways you can use these lemon ice cubes – just dip one small cube into your iced lemon tea, and you can rub them on the fish or scrape pieces of lemon ice crystals on the fish. You can also drop a ice cube of lemon to make a glass of yummy lemonade.

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How To Preserve Lemon?