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How To Keep Garlic Fresh

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How to keep garlic fresh

The value of garlic in the kitchen is immense whether it for culinary purposes or for its use as a medicinal herb. But you do require to keep it ready to be used at a moment's notice. The best way to remain prepared is to keep it stored. Ideally garlic keeps fresh when stored in a cool, dark place for up to a month. The type of container used for keeping garlic fresh is also vital in deciding the shelf life of fresh garlic. There are two distinct ways of preserving fresh garlic at home. Take a look at the details below...


At Room Temperature

  1. Buy the freshest garlic you can find at the market.

  2. Get a garlic keeper, if possible. This is a small ceramic pot with small holes or perforations. The holes allow for free air flow while keeping the garlic protected from light and pests.

  3. You can make do with brown paper bags, if you cannot get the keeper.

  4. Place it in  bags or the garlic keeper and close tightly.

  5. Find a dry, cool, and dark place to store the container. Make sure that the place is away from sunlight or any kind of moisture. The ideal condition for preserving fresh garlic requires 70 percent humidity, a good circulation of air, and stable temperature. Any increase in moisture can lead to sprouting of the garlic bulbs making it taste bitter.
  6. Garlic can also keep fresh on the kitchen counter when stored in keepers during winter months.

garlic keeper


By Refrigeration

Keeping garlic in refrigerator is not a very common practice, nevertheless it can be done, if you use it infrequently or want to store it for more than a month. This is how you can do it.

  1. Buy fresh garlic.

  2. Peel the garlic. Do not wash.

  3. Place peeled garlic in a sealed jar.

  4. Keep jar in the refrigerator.

refrigerate garlic


Handy Tips 

  • Buy loose garlic heads since garlic in bags will ripen and rot faster.

  • Check garlic for brown or soft spots, flaky skin etc since these are indications of mold growth. Buy only firm garlic that keep fresh for longer periods of time.

  • Never store garlic in the vegetable tray of your refrigerator as there is an excess of moisture there, which will cause the cloves to rot quickly.


Check out the video below and find out how the kitchen pros do it


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    How To Keep Garlic Fresh